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We provide localization services for apps, websites, blogs, banners. We take care of the cultural adaptation of your brand content to the local market and clients.

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eLearning translation and writing

Access to training content in any language is one othe most important achievements in eLearning. We provide translation and development of training material using the most popular eLearning platforms.

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Video and dubbing

Our Italian voice talents for your multimedia projects are trained professionals with experience in the eLearning and games industries. We also offer you subtitling, captioning and video editing services.

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Content writing

We write articles for your blog, landing pages, social media and advertising campaigns. We help you create e-books, leaflets and any other type of promotional material.

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SEO writing

Optimizing and creating SEO friendly content help your website gain visibility. Tramedia offers multilingual, SEO-oriented content tailored at your local market.

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We specialize in English to Italian translation in marketing, business, eLearning, journalism. Other source and target languages include English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

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Translation project management entails the use of the latest CAT tools, or computer assisted translation, to deliver flawless content. A native speaker of the team will be in charge of your  project and will supervise any step to guarantee top quality: document anaylsis, translation, editing, proofreading, review, quality assurance and delivery. We will also assist you after delivery.

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Localization goes beyond translation from English to Italian, or any other language pair. To communicate with your local market and promote brand awareness you need to get in tune with local culture. Cherish words, images, and any cultural reference in your content. Tramedia has industry specific experience in the localization of software, apps, websites, blogs, eLearning and any marketing material.

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online learning

eLearning has become a fundamental means of employee training, distance learning for schools and lifelong learning. We help you scale an online working environment creating multilingual content: technical writing, creative writing, script, e-book, video lessons, SCORM package, Moodle courses with main eLearning platforms.

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Video and voice over

90% of internet users regularly watch video content from any device. To help you boost your multimedia content, we provide translation, subtitling, captioning and dubbing services. We specialize in video marketing, institutional video editing and voice over.

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SEO writing

Through SEO-friendly content you communicate your values, knowledge and passion with top searched keywords. We support your business with a complete SEO strategy aimed at optimizing your website, blog, email, and socail media content in a specific market.

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Content writing

Creative writing, persuasive writing, original blog writing are some of the writing services we offer. If you are wondering what content writing is, you are in the right place. As freelance content writers, we listen, research, analyse,  plan, write and deliver flawless content.

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“The spirit of a language is most clearly revealed in its untranslatable words.”

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, scrittrice austriaca

"Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the world"

Nelson Mandela

"Non lasciar passare neanche un giorno senza scrivere una riga."

Plinio il Vecchio

We help you translate and create marketing and eLearning content