SEO writing

We plan the content of your corporate portal to better convey your knowledge and expertise in your field. Together with your passion, you need to optimize your key words to be on top of serch engine.


We offer English to Italian translation of blog articles, websites, apps, training material and any other document. We also translate to and from Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian.



Translating a website into other languages is not enoguh; you need to adapt the content to your local market culture. We take care of any localization aspect: word choice, images and any other cultural reference.

Writing for eLearning

We write the content for your online courses to train your employees and partners. We help you plan and organize your training material with major authoring tools and eLearning platforms.

Video and subtitling

Video is a fundamental part of marketing and learning strategies. Tramedia provides video editing, video marketing, subtitling and dubbing services for your multimedia content and social media channels.

Content marketing

Our communication strategy strengthens your message creatively and efficiently. We build tailored editorial plans, landing pages, newsletters, white papers, Google Ads, social media and email campaigns.


About us

Tramedia is a team of indipendent professionals: linguists, translators, copywriters, marketing experts

Our goal is to help people and organizations to communicate with their global clients providing quality translation and writing services. We translate your words into different languages - Italian, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian - and formats - text, video, podcast, eLearning. With our agile methodology, we support companies in their expansion to new markets, and professionals willing to improve their personal brand and gain new skills. We are not an agency, but freelancers. We work as a team to guarantee top quality, rapidity and adaptation to your unique project. To meet the members of the Tramedia team contact us!

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